Diary notes: *** 7th July - 4-hands Piano Concert *** *** 12th July - BEC Presents: The Mitford Sisters ***
Diary notes: *** 7th July - 4-hands Piano Concert ****** 12th July - BEC Presents: The Mitford Sisters ***

an evening with steve tomlin - withches marks

Broadwell Entertainments proudly presents

An Evening With Steve Tomlin - Witches Marks and so much more

Held on Saturday 11th November 2023 in Broadwell Church

Images courtesy of Andy Marshall

Witches Marks: Steve Tomlin explores and records the secret world of the medieval church and its pagan roots including the magical past, uncovering scratch dials, hexafoils, votives, apotropaics, consecration circles and the mystery of clog almanacs.

Steve reveals Broadwell’s St. Peter and Paul’s Church’s hidden history.

During the evening Steve explained the disappearing world of Doom paintings.

Steve also explored the village church as the most important cultural hub and its continuing archaeological storyline.  

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