Diary notes: *** 15th March - Easter Wreath making 2pm ***
Diary notes:   *** 15th March - Easter Wreath making 2pm *** 

Village Parish Meeting 2023-24

~~~ Held 27th May 2023 ~~~

Draft Minutes of the meeting are here.


There are various douments which is is mandatory to have displayed for village perusal.  


These can be found on the page Current Docs or Previous Years

Village Parish Meeting purpose

Broadwell is a village with 36 households, and a population of around 80. The – slightly larger – civil parish has a population of around 120, in 56 households. Broadwell is not big enough to have a Parish Council with elected councilors, so its lowest tier of local government is the Broadwell Parish Meeting.  


Currently the officers of the Parish Meeting are Mike Hough (Chair), Phil Taylor (Secretary) and Eric Linden Laird Craig (Treasurer).


The Parish Meeting meets once a year in May (the Annual General Meeting) to discuss matters that may affect the Village.  Meetings are open to all residents of the parish. Meeting agendas and minutes are published on this website.  An annual precept (currently £500) is paid to us by the Oxfordshire County Council, and annual accounts are also published on this website.


The tiers of local government above the Parish Meeting are West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). Our WODC Councillor is Suzi Coul, and our OCC councillor is Nick Leverton. Our MP is Robert Courts.


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15th March, Easter wreath making in the church. Contact Anne Taylor



Any enquiries can be sent to the Chairman, Richard Howard, via: Broadwell.pc@gmail.com

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