Diary notes: *** 7th July - 4-hands Piano Concert *** *** 12th July - BEC Presents: The Mitford Sisters ***
Diary notes: *** 7th July - 4-hands Piano Concert ****** 12th July - BEC Presents: The Mitford Sisters ***

Bell Ringing at Broadwell Church

With the re-hanging of the bells in the church, bell ringing is now possible again....


Bell Ringing Lessons

Under the tuition of Catrin and Ian Russ from the Aston bell ringing group, a small group of enthusiastic campanologists is emerging, drawn from within Broadwell and other villages within the Benefice.


Practise takes place on a Thursday evening, from 5-6pm. We avoid ringing too much later to allow the neighbours to get their children to bed in peace!


Newcomers are very welcome. No experience required. Please contact Phil Taylor on 07798660198 or phil.taylor1112@gmail.com for further details


Visiting Ringers and Events

With the tower now holding 8 bells for a peal*, the church tower is attracting visitors from other churches. There have been a number of visits and some are planning to visit soon. With the plan to ring a full peal, which could take up to 3 hours of non-stop ringing, we’re looking forward to experiencing a sound never before heard in the village – in its previous arrangement, there were 5 bells, reflected in the name of the now-closed Pub, The Five Bells.


* A peal of bells is defined as follows in campanology (bell ringing): a peal is the special name given to a specific type of performance of change ringing which meets certain exacting conditions for duration, complexity and quality. For further information and a detailed description have a look on Wikipeadia, Peal

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